about the artist

jessica hissam, but my friends call me d o x
self-taught fine artist specializing in the visual expression of the complex marriage of perception, cognition, and emotion that creates our human existence
austin, texas
started in 1992, been going ever since
art has always been with me, and i am nothing without it. it has allowed me to connect with people, express myself, and opened my world up ways i could have never imagined. i am excited to continue to embark on a lifelong journey with it by my side
to continue to partner with artists, patrons, and the community at large and help people turn their dreams into a reality. i specialize in freehand live painting and art at concerts, private events, charity drives, markets, client concept development, commercial and residential mural work, and more.

Everything I have, I owe to my community.

To say that I am thankful for growing up in Austin, Texas, is an understatement. My mom and I moved here from Pittsburgh when I was twelve, and I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else. I highly doubt I’d be the “artist” I am today if not for this gorgeous city.

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